Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Leveck dot US

Unfortunately, someone hacked the old site's sql database.  It held secure for five years, but as a result of the hacking malware installation links were inserted on the main page.  Consequently, google placed the domain on a list of bad sites.  I backed up the pages and images that comprised the site, but not the blog entries or photo galleries.  I apologize for any loss of data and inconvenience this has caused.

The domain has been moved from godaddy.com hosting (which I have canceled after five years) to wordpress.  Wordpress.com is very versatile and I will be working to build the account into something useful.

The scope of the site has changed since a lot of the family now frequents facebook and this site is no longer the hub of online family gathering.  We'll see where it goes, the domain is mine until 2015, and will stay on wordpress for $10 a year, so there is plenty of time to figure it out.

Much love, Nathan

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